Sodium carbonate and bicarbonate: flagship of French industry in the Lorraine region

Located in La Madeleine in Laneuveville-devant-Nancy, in the heart of France’s Lorraine region, the Novacarb chemical plant produces and markets sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate.
With solid expertise acquired over the course of its 160-year history, the site offers high-quality products for demanding needs in pharmaceutical, hemodialysis, environmental, and human food markets. Novacarb benefits from direct access to its main raw materials thanks to sodium extraction from its salt fields in Lenoncourt, and limestone in the Pagny-sur-Meuse quarry.

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Frédéric Louis
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34, rue Gilbert Bize
B.P. 20015, La Madeleine
54410 Laneuveville-devant-Nancy



creation date
150 000
T/yr. for sodium bicarbonate
600 000
T/yr. for sodium carbonate

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Novacarb is investing in two energy transition projects. The goal is to eliminate the use of coal by the end of 2024.
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Sodium Carbonate & Silicate: key ingredients in “green tire” production

27 Sep 2022

Discover what is a "green tire" and how the applications of our products contribute to some of the following 17 United Nations SDGs : SDG 13 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

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Pagny-sur-Meuse: a “digital” career

03 Jul 2022

Humens produces in France sodium bicarbonate which is essential for dialysis for exemple but also for several otehr markets. The necessary limestone is extracted from a quarry where the cutting lines and the routes of the extraction and transport machines are entirely digitalized.

Recipe: Fizzy bath powder

23 Jun 2022

Humens team proposes you a recipe of fizzy bath powder with our sodium bicarbonate manufactured on our production sites. Sodium bicarbonate, the main ingredient Sodium bicarbonate can be used to produce effervescence thanks to its reaction with an acid agent (citric acid for instance) […]

DKSH develops innovative formulas for personal care

14 Apr 2022

DKSH, our distributor for Personal Care market in France, has developed two innovative Personal Care formulas containing Humens sodium bicarbonate (COSMOS approved). Deodorant cream This formula contains Humens sodium bicarbonate which guarantees anti-odor properties (natural alternative to aluminium salts). A sniff-test to […]

NOVAWOOD: Delivery of the gas boiler

04 Jun 2021

The construction of the Novawood biomass cogeneration plant is well underway! On June 3rd, an important step in the project was taken with the delivery of the gas boiler to back up the biomass cogeneration plant. AN IMPORTANT STEP FOR THE PROJECT […]

Eco-paturage at Novacarb

06 Apr 2021

Novacarb, our La Madeleine site has chosen to help a Lorraine goat farmer set up by providing him with land and premises. For the most part, these are the fields mowed once or twice a year, including the playground on […]