Sodium bicarbonate: French know-how in Singapore

A cutting-edge facility, based on Bianca technology developed successfully by Novacarb in France, Novabay produces high-quality sodium bicarbonate. Its main targets include the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, human food, animal nutrition, and detergents markets, as well as a wide range of other industrial applications.
Located on the Jurong Island in Singapore, Novabay benefits from synergy with local partners in terms of services and infrastructure for this chemical platform. With an annual production capacity of 70 kT, and potential for up to 120 kT, Humens provides continuous supply for its customers throughout the region.

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Franck Caucoye
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20 Tembusu Avenue
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countries in Southwest Asia and the Middle East
70 to 120 000


ISO 22000

GMP for Food/Feed Safety

FSSC 22000



ISO 9001


In Singapore, Novabay is the 1st industrial site to recycle CO2 emitted by the petrochemical industry on Jurong Island by using it for water treatment and industrial applications.

Our news

Change of shareholders

19 Dec 2023

The Humens Group changes shareholders. Leto Partners becomes the new majority shareholder alongside the Management. Eurazeo's mid-large buyout strategy and its partners Ardian, Mérieux Equity Partners and Eximium announce the sale of their stakes in the Humens Group to Leto Partners, a French private equity firm focused on decarbonization issues.

Singapore Chemicals edition: Raymond Sinnah’s interview

27 Sep 2022

Global Business Reports (GBR) launches its 2021 Singapore Chemicals edition in a digital interactive format. As president of Seqens Mineral Specialties division, Raymond Sinnah answered their questions about our company, our CSR projects and our vision for the future.

Recipe: Fizzy bath powder

23 Jun 2022

Humens team proposes you a recipe of fizzy bath powder with our sodium bicarbonate manufactured on our production sites. Sodium bicarbonate, the main ingredient Sodium bicarbonate can be used to produce effervescence thanks to its reaction with an acid agent (citric acid for instance) […]

DKSH develops innovative formulas for personal care

14 Apr 2022

DKSH, our distributor for Personal Care market in France, has developed two innovative Personal Care formulas containing Humens sodium bicarbonate (COSMOS approved). Deodorant cream This formula contains Humens sodium bicarbonate which guarantees anti-odor properties (natural alternative to aluminium salts). A sniff-test to […]