Focus #2: Inclusion

Disability inclusion program

How can you make sure work is suitable for everyone?

We are concerned about the well-being of all our employees and want to adapt work to people, not the other way around. We do everything in our power to ensure that everyone can work under the best possible conditions. We systematically provide occupational adaptations and job reclassification for employees when needed for medical reasons.

An occupational health nurse and a social service assistant at the Novacarb site launched a campaign to raise awareness about disabilities and their various forms (physical, psychological, etc.).

The purpose of this initiative was to explain the concept of France’s Recognition of Disabled Worker Status (RQTH) and to help those who are interested in obtaining this status to undertake the necessary procedures.


additional employees were granted disabled worker status
people received awareness training
people submitted requests for information
« Each employee was given time to access information, learn more about their rights, and benefit from social guidance. This was a kind and caring act that shows the company's commitment to maintaining jobs for all its employees. »
Sandrine Yllan
Occupational Health Nurse at Humens

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