Focus #1: Decarbonization

Novacarb: an energy transition focused on the future

How can we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and stop using coal?

At Novacarb, the energy transition involves transforming our energy production methods, notably by building a biomass cogeneration plant. As a major player in the mineral industry, and consequently an intensive consumer of energy, Humens is committed to significantly reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and putting an end to its use of coal.

Novacarb is moving forward with its energy transition at the La Madeleine, France, site, in particular by implementing the Novawood project in partnership with Engie Solutions. Novawood is an efficient combined green electricity and heat production facility in operation since early 2023.

A second project in partnership with Suez, called Novasteam, is currently being developed to enable the production site to diversify its energy mix using Recovered Solid Fuels (RDF). The construction of a RDF power plant should enable Novacarb to definitively leave coal behind by 2025 and ensure the long-term future of the site.

Novawood : la centrale de cogénération biomasse

Novawood | Biomass cogeneration plant


- 40 %
reduction of the site’s annual coal consumption, replacing it with renewable energy sources such as biomass
- 25 %
fossil CO₂ emitted per year
+ 115 Gwh
of green electricity produced per year
« This biomass cogeneration plant is a major step in our ambitious energy transition program dedicated to low-carbon energy. Novacarb is significantly reducing its use of coal, while producing green electricity and creating jobs in the region. »
Anaïs Voy-Gillis
Strategy and CSR Director at Humens

Focus #2 | Inclusion

Focus #3 | Water quality

Focus #4 | Employement