14 April 2022

DKSH develops innovative formulas for personal care

DKSH, our distributor for Personal Care market in France, has developed two innovative Personal Care formulas containing Humens sodium bicarbonate (COSMOS approved).

Deodorant cream
This formula contains Humens sodium bicarbonate which guarantees anti-odor properties (natural alternative to aluminium salts). A sniff-test to prove anti-odor properties of sodium bicarbonate has been carried out (available on request). Sodium bicarbonate used is a fine and smooth grade which is suitable for sensitive skins.

Daily face exfoliant
This water-free formulation is easy to carry out. Seqens MS sodium bicarbonate is a 2-in-1 ingredient: it allows to have a self-foaming formula when water is added, and it gives smooth exfoliating properties to the formula (natural alternative to polyethylene microbeads, study on request).

A versatile ingredient
For Personal Care market, Humens sodium bicarbonate is a versatile ingredient and can also be useful for other formulas

  • toothpastes (anti-odor and whitening properties)
  • bath bombs (effervescent power)
  • shampoos (anti-odor properties)