19 December 2023

Change of shareholders

Leto Partners x Humens

Press Release

The Humens Group changes shareholders. Leto Partners becomes the new majority shareholder alongside the Management.

Eurazeo's mid-large buyout strategy and its partners Ardian, Mérieux Equity Partners and Eximium announce the sale of their stakes in the Humens Group to Leto Partners, a French private equity firm focused on decarbonization issues.

Since 2016, Eurazeo and its partners have actively supported the Humens Group in the implementation of its growth and sustainable development strategy through:

  • The implementation in 2017 of a new "greenfield" sodium bicarbonate unit in Singapore focused on premium segments,
  • The "carve-out" of the Seqens Group in December 2021 and the autonomy of Humens to pursue its roadmap in total independence,
  • The launch of two major investments of more than €200 million in energy transition that will reduce CO2 emissions by 60% and completely phase out coal by 2025:
    • a biomass unit operational in 2023,
    • a waste-to-energy plant (Reuse Derived Fuel) to be implemented in the second half of 2025

The entrepreneurial spirit driven by Leto Partners, as well as their support and expertise on decarbonization issues, will enable the Humens Group to accelerate its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) roadmap and take a second differentiating step vis-à-vis the industry with the ambition of achieving zero carbon by 2035.

"With this new change, our objective is clearly to accelerate a) the company's ecological transition, b) our global growth in higher value-added products to become a key player in the high-specialty segments, and c) gradually open up the equity to all managers and employees," explains Raymond Sinnah, President of the Humens Group.