NOVASTEAM: Construction work launched

14 Dec 2023

SUEZ and Humens join forces to build a power plant that uses solid recovered fuel (SRF) instead of coal.

Sodium Carbonate & Silicate: key ingredients in “green tire” production

27 Sep 2022

Discover what is a "green tire" and how the applications of our products contribute to some of the following 17 United Nations SDGs : SDG 13 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Water treatment and drinking water production

27 Sep 2022

Did you know sodium carbonate and sodium silicate are essential ingredients in water treatment and drinking water production? Learn more about these applications beneficial to the environment and industry.

Singapore Chemicals edition: Raymond Sinnah’s interview

27 Sep 2022

Global Business Reports (GBR) launches its 2021 Singapore Chemicals edition in a digital interactive format. As president of Seqens Mineral Specialties division, Raymond Sinnah answered their questions about our company, our CSR projects and our vision for the future.

NOVAWOOD: Delivery of the gas boiler

04 Jun 2021

The construction of the Novawood biomass cogeneration plant is well underway! On June 3rd, an important step in the project was taken with the delivery of the gas boiler to back up the biomass cogeneration plant. AN IMPORTANT STEP FOR THE PROJECT […]

Eco-paturage at Novacarb

06 Apr 2021

Novacarb, our La Madeleine site has chosen to help a Lorraine goat farmer set up by providing him with land and premises. For the most part, these are the fields mowed once or twice a year, including the playground on […]